Tip: De Parade

– De Parade, Amsterdam –

The Parade travelling theatre festival returned to Amsterdam. You can visit the Parade at the Martin Luther King Park till the 23rd of August. At the Parade there really is something for everyone! Whether you’re a die-hard theatre lover or just along for the ride, you’ll find it here. The festival offers visitors a variety of short and full-length performances, as well as performances in open-air and secret locations. There’s always something new and surprising to look out for!

For more information go to the Iamsterdam website or the Parade website!


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Nois7 on Instagram –

“Everyday is beautiful if you choose to see it” says Robert Jahns, also known as Nois7 on Instagram. The German art director manipulates his photographs, transforming them into incredibly surreal images. Each one is more magical than the next, you’ll want to make yourself believe that they are real. Good to know: you can also buy some of his pictures, they can be printed on canvas, posters and aluminium!


Holiday tip: Amsterdam Light Festival

– A Bright City –

This is the third edition of the winter light festival for young and old. For more than fifty days, the historical center of Amsterdam will be the unique décor for this international festival. It’s a must see! So the perfect Christmas holiday tip! You can visit the festival till the 18th of January.

For more information go to the website of Amsterdam light festival.



Art: Natural Act

– By Merve Özaslan –

We are a fan of Merve Özaslan’s work: Natural Act! Very inspiring how the vintage photo’s are used in combination with picture’s of the nature! Istanbul based artist Merve Özaslan creates collages that puts the relationship between nature and humanity in question. Using vintage photographs and photos of nature, Özaslan is showing us that we are all part of own environment.


Source: Honestlywtf

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– CPH Vision, Copenhagen –

We are going to Copenhagen! We love this city, so we can’t wait to go there. Of course we are going for the CPH Vision Fair, but don’t blame us: we will definitely explore the city again!
Want to know more about the Fair? Click here.

CPH vision

Watermelon with a chance of rain

– Sarah Illenberger – Tutti Frutti –

The Tutti Frutti portfolio is so funny! Do you see the new meanings of all fruits and vegetables?

Sarah Illenberger is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Berlin working at the intersection of art, graphic design, and photography. With a focus on analog craftwork using everyday items, Sarah is renowned for creating vivid, witty images that open up new perspectives on seemingly familiar subjects. The Tutti Frutti portfolio of images began on a food market in Tuscany/Italy. From the Melon-choly to Pome-grenade, almost every fruit or vegetable was given a new meaning.