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IT by Alexa Chung

- Must read..IT by Alexa Chung -

We have no doubts that It-girl Alexa Chung has a good sense of style! The model is a style icon for many women all over the world.

Do you use Alexa’s outfits for inspiration? Then you definitely have to check out her book IT. The book is full of inspiration and information about Alexa’s style icons. But it is also full of tips, personal stories and drawings.

Yes, you understand: this book is a must read! After all we all can use a little Alexa Chung sometimes.

Alexa chung book

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Banana Granola

- A good day start with a good breakfast -

Heard about Green Kitchen Stories? OMG, this food blog is amazing. Beautiful pictures and mouth-watering recipes that come with charming stories – and the best of it all: All healthy and vegetarian! The Swedish couple behind this wonderful blog are based in Stockholm, young, just became parents and share the love of food that is good for your body. Check out their blog here. Can it look more picture-perfect?

Anyway, one of their recipes (which can also be found in their book) is Banana Granola. How yummy isn’t it with a bowl of yoghurt with crunchy granola and fresh berries in the summer morning? The only thing is that store-bought granola is often packed with sugar and trans fat – not the best option. The solution is to make it yourself! Like what you see in the picture below? Take 30 minutes of the day and make it yourself! You will find the recipe here.

Good luck and bon appetite.

Source: Green Kitchen Stories

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10 Feet HIgh summer 2013

Our awesome high summer collection has started rolling into the stores now, and in a few days you can pick up the newest 10 Feet collection magazine! We hope you will love it as much as we do, and that it will inspire your styling possibibilies for the new season.

Availble in all stores selling 10 Feet. 

High Summer 13 magazine

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For the office

….New week - new possibilities…

A visit to the webshop LikeStationary is a must for everyone who want to personalize and beautify their desk. This cute online shop offers everything in the field of desk accessories – from paper clips to pens, envelopes and notebooks.

Monday mornings are a bit more fun when arriving to a neat and colourful desk – my package is already on its way!

Love 10 Feet


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Book: Hooggehakt en Kortgerokt

Leuk zo’n modeboek waarin je kan ontdekken hoe de mode er jaren geleden uitzag. Hooggehakt & Kortgerokt is geschreven door Martine van Rooijen en is uitgegeven door Scriptum.

Wespentailles, zijden kimono’s, suikerspinkapsels, BB-ruitjes, hippiejurken en plateauzolen. Er zijn weinig onderwerpen die zo’n schat aan beelden opleveren als mode. Aan het begin van het boek vegen de dames met hun lange rokken de vloer. In de jaren die daarop volgen, kruipen de rokken langzaam omhoog, zakken weer, gaan wéér omhoog tot ze in de jaren ’60 niet korter meer kúnnen.

Maar niet alleen de roklengte verandert… nieuwsgierig? Koop hem hier.


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