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Seen in

- Wehkamp TV commercial -

Our bouclé coat is seen in Wehkamp’s TV commercial: Latest Fall trends. You have to be quick… coat is seen at 0.14 – 0.15.
Contact us via our storefinder to find this amazing jacket in a store near you!

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29 ways to..

- .. stay creative -

Here at the 10 FEET head office in Amsterdam we are surrounded by creative people! But we found this video on the internet and we had to share it with you! It’s true.. you can find creativity in the little things in life and that’s what this video is showing you in 29 points.

Enjoy and be creative!


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20 things

- We should say more in 2014 -

Children are often a surprising source of wisdom. Why? Because they keep it simple! Enjoy!

Ohh and remember Number 1 is: Say something nice! It could be anything! If you can’t think of anything nice to say, you’re not thinking hard enough!

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The 10 Most-Viewed Fashion Videos on YouTube

- L’Invitation au Voyage With David Bowie by Louis Vuitton - made a top 10 of the best viewed fashion films on Youtube. So if you have a minute.. watch below video! A bit more spare time?! Go to the website and watch all 10!

Below you can find the number one: Louis Vuitton’s new L’Invitation au Voyage, starring David Bowie. 33milion people already watched this film and.. still counting of course!

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One to watch

- Too cute! Pandas playing on the slide! -

Happy Sunday

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