Pllek 2.5

- Weekend/Week tip -

Amsterdam’s Pllek has been open for two and a half years and throws a week-long double party in celebration of both its anniversary and, belatedly, its launch. The week of celebrations runs from 25 to 31 October 2014, ending with a spectacular ‘opening party’: Fireproof.

The week-long celebrations are as varied as the venue’s cultural schedule itself, involving art, dance, theatre, film, classical music, a morning rave and, in the restaurant, a chef’s special. Click here to go to the website for the full program!


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Outfit inspiration

- Ready for a new look? -

We love this bodycon dress with croco applique (also available in black)! Make your outfit extra tough with this biker jacket with beautiful zippers and some nice boots! Contact us via our storefinder to find these items in a store near you!

08 Feminine Glow kopiëren

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Seen in Libelle

- The jacket special -

Two of Winter jacket are seen in Libelle! Contact us via our storefinder to find these jackets in a store near you.

libelle jacket special1libelle jacket special2

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Seen in Glamour

- Our double breasted coat in Camel -

Love the look!

glamour nov

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- Chanel candy necklace -

Hot or not?
Do you remember the candy necklaces from when you were little? Yes? Well they are back.. Chanel introduced them on the catwalk and now also seen around the neck of Alexa Chung.

chanel alexa

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