DIY: Dip Dye Placemat

- Hosting a diner party soon? -

We have found the perfect dip dye DIY! These placemats are a great eye catcher on your dining room table and it’s so much fun making them. Don’t be scared to try out some different techniques.. every placement will have its own look and that’s what we like about this project! Have fun!

What you’ll need:
Heavy weight linen fabric
Fabric dye stuff (+ soda and salt: check out the packaging of the dye stuff)
Plastic tub
Two wood craft sticks to stir

Step 1: Cut or rip the (pre-washed) linen in the desired size.
Step 2: Prepare the fabric dye stuff (see packaging)
Step 3: Hold placemat above plastic tray and lower one end into dye bad, keeping as straight as possible. Submerge about 2-3 inches and let dye penetrate for a minute.
Step 4: Let your placemats dry for a while!
Step 5: Repeat step 3 with the other dye color.
Step 6: Let your placemats dry for a while!
Step 7: Almost finished.. rinse the placemats and hang to dry!

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Outfit inspiration


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Seen in Libelle

- Zarayda Groenhart is seen in our flowy printed trousers -

Contact us via our storefinder to find this mixed printed flowy trousers in a store near you.
Happy shopping!


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Lookbook picture we love

- Dreams.. -

Honestly we dream about this jacket! This reversed jersey jacket with embroidered details is a musthave for this season! It’s so comfortable to wear! Trust us.. you need this style for summer! Contact us via our storefinder to find it in a store near you, also available in Indigo.

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