The 10 FEET woman is a free spirit with an effortlessly cool style and tough raw edge.
She dares to go her own way with a positive and confident energy.
Both men and woman turn heads after this unpretentious, extrovert and ambitious creature.
She has an inner glow that make people around her smile and wish they were her.

10 FEET is an international brand that design timeless and contemporary styles that give your look an effortlessly chic flair.
Cool and eye-catching styles that work for everyday life is our focus. Our love for unique details, exquisite embellishments and a tough edge are consistent in our collections.
As every woman in Amsterdam we want to preserve the freedom of movement in every garment without compromising our style.
Each collection offers a complete range of fashion essentials – giving women a wardrobe filled with everything they need to dress up or down for any occasion, day or night.
10 FEET design a ready-to-wear collection four times a year, 
along with a selected collection of accessories reflecting the look and styling.

The elegant brick building outside Amsterdam form the beautiful environment for 10 FEET headquarters, with an interior that reflect the same charming design seen throughout the brand.
The Dutch designer brand was founded in 1999 and has since then grown into a label with fans all around the world. All departments are placed under one roof, operating as one in this vibrant, design driven company.
All the 10 FEET collections are developed in-house, supported by graphic design, styling and production department.
Together with the management, logistic, sales, branding and business groups who oversee the world-wide exposure and expansion,
we have created a result that is a unique synergy and a creative pulse you can sense, in a company that feels more like a family.

We aim to create a fashion brand that unites the spectacular world of fashion with success business. A brand that women feel proud to wear with products that are rich in detail and high in quality.

Creativity – We travel the world for inspiration with street style and multi-cultural influences as key elements for the brands creativity.
We act with courage and curiosity by continually source the unique techniques available in the industry, whilst staying true to our style.

Integrity & Efficiency – We commit ourselves to uphold the highest standards. We are driven by the desire to do the right things, in the right way, at the right time.
We aim to stay one step ahead and always have a Plan B.

Passion –Actions speak louder than words. We stay true to our beliefs and live out them. Our love for the brand is expressed in our products and the business.
This love is reflected in how the company acts towards the staff, customers and potential customers. We never give up and respond to changes with positive energy, confidence and determination.

Teamwork – We work together and listen to each other, reach consensus and support group decisions. We celebrate achievements.
Because we respect and trust one another and commit ourselves to our company goals, our teamwork succeeds.

In style, we trust – 10 FEET

Herb-Industries B.V. | 10 Feet

Binnendelta 4S | 1261WZ | Blaricum

The Netherlands
T +31 (0)35 888 6124 | info@10feet.nl


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