Outfit inspiration

– New year, new outfit –

We’re so ready for the new year with this outfit! Contact us via our storefinder to find below items in a store near you.
012 Dreamy Days kopiëren


– Chanel candy necklace –

Hot or not?
Do you remember the candy necklaces from when you were little? Yes? Well they are back.. Chanel introduced them on the catwalk and now also seen around the neck of Alexa Chung.

chanel alexa

Hair inspiration

– The crisscross ponytail –

We really like following some other blogs, and when we checked out abeautifullmess.com we came across this hair inspiration: the crisscross ponytail! Sometimes you just need some inspiration for a new “hairdo”.

Below you can see the pictures of all steps to create this crisscross ponytail. If you want to read the full description, click here to go to the website!

crisscross ponytail1crisscross ponytail2crisscross ponytail3crisscross ponytail 4crisscross ponytail5

Festival hair inspiration

– Bohemian knot braid –

Festival season is ON! We love it! A few of our colleagues are going to Valtifest today! Here is some hair inspiration ladies! Have fun!!


Hair inspiration

– The high ponytail –

Only thing you have to do is simply tying your hair up in a really high ponytail. It doesn’t have to be sleek and picture-perfect – messy and effortless is just as good.


DIY green tea face scrub

– The easiest DIY ever! –

Reduce puffy eyes, tone, moisturize skin and prevent wrinkles, we love green tea!!This is a super simple DIY that can be made in a second!

Ingredients: – Water – Green tea bag – 3 table spoons of sugar

1. Steep 1 cup of green tea, then let sit to room temperature.
2. In a bowl, add 2 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp tea.
3. Add in another tbsp sugar.
4. Stir, scrub, FRESH!

 Green Tea Face Scrub Green Tea Face Scrub

source: becauseimaddicted